3rd Release – Yes, something new! Nightmare Express ch 1

Welcome new readers

I know that the of Shoujo and our lovely Brave 10 mangaka summoned you to this site.

First let me apologize. We do not buy the magazine Aria. We do not know anyone who may do. We had to use Chinese scans for this title and make look nice. Still, there are some things that can’t be fixed. As long as we don’t have access to free Aria stuff we will be using the Chinese. I hope you can forgive us for being selfish.

Today, I’ll want to talk about Chinese SFX. Daaaaaamn they are HUGE! Cleaning and redrawing all those would take ages. So this is the reason why we cleaned a few SFX but typed the rest under the Chinese SFX. There’s a poll at the bottom for you to take. We want to know how you like it so we can change it if there’s a need.

Anyway this is Kairi Shimotsuki’s latest work. Hopefully it will just as good or better than her past works. The story is about a pouting girl and her bishounen. To me it looks like a mix of Alice in Wonderland and Howls Moving (Polar Express) Castle…with bishounen conductors. The nightmare part? Let’s wait and see. We all know Kairi Shimotsuki can be quite wonderful yet cruel sometimes.

Tell us how you like this title. We would be very interested in hearing what you think; either here or in our irc channel.

I will end this post with a quote from time last time:

We need editors and translators for different manga, such as shounen, shoujo, seinen and josei. Join us if you want to get more manga out in the world.

Nightmare Express chapter 1: Read Online | Downloads in irc


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