4th release – New project! CSR 7 and Doll’s 9

Now you are wondering why we took this long to release this…it’smyfault! I was sick and didn’t really want to work with anything. Quite unprofessional, right? Well, it resulted in the staff taking a long break. So all is well with the world.

We could also blame it on not having enough staff members to release faster? Oh well let’s not.

So today we bring a new project into our ranks. It’s called Chrome Shelled Regios. If you know the anime, novel or the other manga then you know what this is about. This title look from Nina’s perspective and how she copes with her life at school in Zuellni. Lots of craziness and you will see how nice a work, the staff working on it did. Applause^^

We will continue from chapter 7 since chapter 6 was last released by some dead group. Thanks to those groups who managed to bring us the first 6 chapters.

The chapter we release is from Doll’s Folklore! Shit is going crazy…trust me. I saw the next few chapters and going “WTF!!” at nearly every chapter. This doesn’t mean it’s going bad, totally not. It’s going insane and awesome. Btw you don’t like cliffhangers do you? I don’t either but…you are gonna live with it, muahahahahahaaha. PS: extras done by the editor cuz she was bored…

Nightmare Express out next week…if something doesn’t go wrong again.^^

Oh yea, before I go and watch anime: We need translators…otherwise we can’t start on new stuff.

Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 7: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Doll’s Folklore chapter 9: Read Online | Downloads in irc


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