6th release…Merry Christmas to the rest (And left part of the world)

As said yesterday we will bring the whole world together. Thus we will release the rest of the chapters today!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you got great presents and that you told your loved ones that you love them. These days are for such things. To get and to give.

I don’t have much more to say so I will…oh wait. Someone told me that many people don’t know IRC. That’s a bit sad. There’s lots of goodies and people on IRC. You should try it. Also you should try to comment on the groups websites. I don’t want to think that because we aren’t doing fanservice manga that people aren’t commenting that much, right? (Yes, they got more people commenting T.T)

Now for the Xmas image:

Girls Christmas

Anyway enough of that, we will move to the rest of the releases:

We got 1 chapter of Chrome Shelled Regios. That is chapter 9, the craziness continues! This time it’s more about Zuellni being gone…which is not good for the colony. Anyone who’s watched the anime or read the novels know what that means. This also means that we will be ending vol 2. Only one volume left! Yay!

We also got 2 chapters of Doll’s Folklore. Yes, I figure that with the cliffhanger yesterday…after the previous cliffhanger, we need some more cliffhangers! Not to mention people who can’t see the person on the last page of the chapter…they may need these chapters. First chapter gives us a bit of Yousuke’s past story and then a breakout. Second chapter gives us another person’s past story and…big ass sword. Oh and some revelations!

At the end of this release, we got something very nice. I recommend it for both girls and guys. A small 8 page coloured romance oneshot about a guy with a coughing and his cousin. It’s a way to treat heart throbbing…the oneshot called Medicine. Sorry for the quality. The scans were shit but the story was damn cute so we tried our best to fix it.

I hope you enjoy the releases. Again Merii Kurisumasu~

Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 9: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Doll’s Folklore chapter 11: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Doll’s Folklore chapter 12: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Medicine Oneshot: Read Online | Downloads in irc


4 thoughts on “6th release…Merry Christmas to the rest (And left part of the world)

    1. Happy that you like it and Happy belated New Year to you too, lol.

      Did Halibut drop it? Well, compared to them we got a translator problem.
      So if you know any who wants to translate this, send him/her this way. Though I can’t refuse that we may give him/her more great titles to do together with this. 😉

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