7th release – CSR 10 & DF13

So it’s weekend and we got another release :3

I wanna say thanks to the people who read our releases and give us thanks. Thanks, it makes us all giddy inside and we wanna do more. Just like the 109 people on Facebook that likes our page there. Thank you for liking our group. We will do our best. Yes, we got one on FB recently and the PR lady is great at it. She even gave me a nice link to post here for people to know about it:  http://facebook.com/akatokuroscanz

I guess we needed one after mu removed the site links -_-;;;; (That is also being handled…)

News…news…news…oh before we go to the releases. WE REALLY NEED TRANSLATORS. Our titles are ending and we won’t have anymore to release if we don’t get a translator or two to join us and help us out. If you are interested or know anyone who’s interested, force them to join us!

Today we start on the last volume of Chrome Shelled Regios. I find these chapters much funnier and better than the first 2 volumes. The last panel in this chapter is awesome, lol.

We are also reaching the end of Dolls Folklore. You may not know it but this is the second last chapter. Everything will be concluding in the next chapter but that only means that shits going down in this chapter.

Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 10: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Doll’s Folklore chapter 13: Read Online | Downloads in irc


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