8th release – DF 14(End) & CSR 11

Guess what?! Today we finish one of our titles! Our first title will end now!

Dolls Folklore is over~  weeeeeh more dollies!

Soon, at the end of this  or next month we will be be finished Chrome Shelled Regios.

What will we release afterward? I really dunno. We need translators. Let me repeat: We.Need.Translators. If we don’t get any then we can’t really release anything. Makes sense, right?

Last chapter of Dolls Folklore ends it all. I won’t spoil the ending…you have to read it yourself. Though I will say that I never found out where Kanno learned to swear like  that. She used to be so nice as a loli. :p

In this chapter of Chrome Shelled Regios, it’s about getting popular. I found it so-so, the only nice points were a Felli bashing people, a Felli being hyper and a Felli trying to hold in her laughter.

Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 11: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Doll’s Folklore chapter 14: Read Online | Downloads in irc


5 thoughts on “8th release – DF 14(End) & CSR 11

  1. Yay! New chapters!
    Btw, “martial artist” is supposed to be “military artist”. It’s my fault for going back and forward until I finally noticed that the name of each department is written on the uniform, the arm to be exact.

    1. Yes…the proofreader saw that with numbers too. I think we did fix that one. About martial and military (well it makes sense with the military given what they do)….TOO LATE! 😛

      Chapter 12 should be out soon…I hope 😉

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