9th release – CSR 12

To make up to the translator (see the comments on the previous post) and feeling a little blue after finishing our first title…we decided to release the next chapter of Chrome Shelled Regios manga.

This chapter is in my opinion the best chapter in the whole manga. I actually laughed in this chapter. It’s about traumas and what you are forced to do when you don’t want to show weakness to your comrades. If you’ve read the manga so far, you will laugh through this chapter!

Have a nice weekend (on my behalf) everyone and enjoy the chapter.

Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 12: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Edit: A v2 since the previous one had shoujo style :p (my fault for forgetting the normal style) So redownload it if you download the manga. Batoto chapter is fixed.^^

Edit2: Someone kill me, now a v3. The proofreader didn’t proofread the chapter. Thanks to the author catching the error. Now it should be fine. If there’s still errors…too baaaaad. /me runs away crying.


8 thoughts on “9th release – CSR 12

    1. Translators..you know.

      I think I’ve written than in each posts (except this) and each release we did. We are in dire needs of those to continue anything. So if you know some, throw them my way 😉

      1. I would throw them your way if I knew any, I myself learned a little bit of Japanese but not enough to translate anything unfortunately.

      1. What mail ya talkin’ ’bout?!
        The last mail I got from you was some wishing/greeting mail mail, lol.

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