10th release – CSR 13

… … …v4 of ch12 on the bot…and v2 of ch11 out…seriously, where do these mistakes pop up from? I replaced the first ones so just redownload the packages if you want them.

It’s sad that I can only use 600×400 images so the really awesome are picked out from the bunch of images I can post. Maybe time for a new layout? ūüėģ

Oh anyone got any favorites for the next anime season? This season I watched two anime where Log Horizon wasa must but the next season seem awesome. I just went through the list and there’s a bunch of anime I wanna watch. Both yuri, shoujo and shounen! >.<

Ehem, chapter 13 is out.¬†Nothing much to say about it except enjoy. We are slowly getting closer and closer to the end of ¬†this manga too. This time it’s about looking for ghosts, test of courage…

Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 13: Read Online | Downloads in irc


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