When will summer come? (It’s raining over here!)

Yo (How are you?)

… (Dunno what to say.)

It’s my fault that these came out now. (I’m busy with my thesis after having procrastinated too much.)

Staff is busy with being grounded, exams, moving+working etcetc. (So yes we need people who can work…)

I thought we got 3 translators but they seem to be busy or MIA…dunno which it is. (One was supposed to do CSR:MM – Yaaaay and then again not so Yaaaay since MIA.)

So I think we will be going on this kind of speed at least until summer (I will be done then…weeeeh~)

Today we got 2 releases to present (A chapter 14 of CSR and a chapter of Nightmare express where something starts)

Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 13: Read Online | Downloads in irc

Nightmare Express chapter 03: Read Online | Downloads in irc


4 thoughts on “When will summer come? (It’s raining over here!)

    1. Lovely right? xD

      And the mangaka still managed to put so much text into those pages.

      Just wait till you see the loooooooooooooooongest chapter in the whole manga, lol. I think it comes out after chapter 15.

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