A little status on…

Sorry peeps, it’s all my fault. I’m doing my thesis so the stuff we got ready has halted plus people are gone cuz of exams and vacations.

Luckily the releases will start moving soon since I’m getting tired of only doing my thesis and would like to release some of what our new translator has done….can’t leave her hanging dry, can we? :p

About the translator for Chrome Shelled Regios: Missing Mail, I never heard from him again. So we will pick up the title. After all, we need someone who would want to do it. This also means that our cleaner who really wanted to do it (the one from the normal CSR) is pouting in his corner and refusing to do any work.

On that note:
We need some new staff, like everything except proofreaders….(Stop sending me proofreader applications…I can’t use them) so we can release more new stuff.

Why no pic this time? Cuz I was too lazy to find a nice pic that would satisfy my needs and not be perverted. Yes, it’s like going on a quest.

Anyway stay tuned for more CSR and a new project. We aren’t dead yet. 😉


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