Will my summer ever come? O.o

As I said in the previous post…it’s all my fault…it always is the leaders fault.

Today we are going to release something that should have been released before I went on my one month break to do my thesis. Sorry for not releasing them. We had the translations ready for some time…sigh, it’s my fault.

Recently, it came to my attention that another group was releasing this project which we should have released already. I just checked them yesterday and they released up to chapter 15. Now I just had to decide if I wanted to be an asshole to the group or to my staff members, no matter what I would be an asshole.

In the end I decided not to throw away my staff’s hard work out the window and went on with releasing these chapters. Apologies to the other group but I would rather choose my own group than any other if we already had the translations ready. As I tell each and every translator who translates for me: “I will release what you translate for me, no matter how long it may take. That’s the only guarantee I can give you if you translate for me. I won’t let your hard work go to waste.”

This is the reason for me releasing our newest (now old) project: Metallica Metalluca. The idea was to release a chapter each week so we had a nice buffer but when someone starts releasing “your” project and you find out, there’s nothing to do by release what you got.

Oh, and sorry to the other group. If we didn’t have the Japanese raws and chapters translated, I would have dropped the project as soon as I saw your release. Still, don’t worry. I checked your projects through and we don’t have any other project which overlaps with our future projects. So hopefully this won’t happen again.

Anyway enough of the serious stuff. This is the first project done by our newest translator mitsugi, be nice to her. Congratz to her being new and finishing up a project already, lol. Well she’s nice and fast so she already started another project which she loves a lot and wants to release as fast as possible. To do that we need someone who’s good at redrawing in our group. So if you don’t mind sport, seinen and redraws, come and join us~

Now before I go back to my thesis…here’s Metallica Metalluca chapter 13 to 17:

  • Metallica Metalluca chapter 13: Read Online | Downloads in irc
  • Metallica Metalluca chapter 14: Read Online | Downloads in irc
  • Metallica Metalluca chapter 15: Read Online | Downloads in irc
  • Metallica Metalluca chapter 16: Read Online | Downloads in irc
  • Metallica Metalluca chapter 17(End): Read Online | Downloads in irc






2 thoughts on “Will my summer ever come? O.o

  1. lol okay okay since you asked so nicely. I will try to reach to a milestone in whatever I’m doing (read: prototyping programming thesis) and try to get something released tomorrow. Then I will disapper again to do whatever I’m doing (read: prototyping programming thesis) and be back before I run away because I got enough of doing whatever I’m doing (read: prototyping programming thesis). 😉

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