My summer is not coming… T.T

As I wrote in the comments in the previous post I would release a CSR chapter in the weekend…it didn’t happen. Thesis is becoming a ban word…warning to all: Never trust the phd student you are making your prototype for and your supervisor who says there’s a system ready to be integrated. Damn them for taking my summer away….and your releases :p

To the chapter we go. This chapter gives a view into Nina and Harley’s relationship. It’s crazy like the normal chapters but…I found out something. The work on it is just like Mr. Fullswing. An old manga about baseball including parodies and comedy. The editing work on it was insane. I appreciate the people who worked on this manga and still kept their sanity. 🙂

Oh about the future titles and releases…we need staff for that. You know what that means…weneedmorstaff^^

Now (again) before I go back to my thesis…here’s CSR ch. 15:

  • Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 15: Read Online | Downloads in irc

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