Hurry up Summer, Autumn is coming!

So…I was told that we just had our 1st anniversary and I was away at that time…shame on me :p I would’ve liked to release everything we got now but I rather go slowly since I don’t want to have our next release after a few months…

Only seeing 1-2 comments on a post (if we are lucky) makes one wonder if people even read this blog. I should probably remove it if that’s not the case…

Anyway, we are getting closer to the ending of CSR. This starts the last chapter which is on 3 parts…Yes, it seems to be a long and serious chapter. Nina is being serious…while everyone is having fun…*trap incoming*…except one person. Poor guy, even if he looks cute.

We are also releasing a new manga callled Supinamarada! It was supoosed to have a release a long time ago. I just have to apologize to the translator for not releasing it before. We had a problem with finding an editor, cleaner with drawing skills or a redrawer for it. We still do so if you want to work on it, please join.

The manga itself is about ice hockey, you heard me right: Ice Hockey. Not that many manga out there about this sport. So we are the first group in the scanlation community’s history scanlating this kind of manga…talk about originality.

Our main character is a figure skater who left his career in Shin yokohama and moved to the boonies with his sister after his mothers death. Quite the emoness, eh? Forget it. Dude got temper which is a must in ice hockey. Follow the main character while he fight his way to find a place to stand on the ice rink.  Just read the story and you will get what I mean.

  • Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 16a: Read Online | Downloads in irc
  • Supinamarada! chapter 01: Read Online | Downloads in irc

14 thoughts on “Hurry up Summer, Autumn is coming!

  1. Thanks for bringing out a new series in Supinamarada. seems super interesting (plus i just love sports manga)! I hope you keep translating it!

    1. p.s. i just realized u said u may need someone to work on the supinamarada, and I would be interested in helping (although ive never done those things before (always a time to learn eh?)) in about 2 weeks when my schedule is cleared up. If u want u can send me an email to follow up :).

  2. Hey this is cool! I enjoyed the first chapter of supinamarada, too bad I’m no good when it comes to translating. Yet. I’m learning.
    Thanks a bunch and I hope you’ll keep it up!

  3. not a hockey fan- but canadian enough to enjoy skating and to root for our teams- this first chapter was wonderful- please keep translating!

  4. Quite late but… For everyone commenting about more Supina, the first volume has pretty much been translated (ehm. I’m the translator :p) but we need more cleaners, redrawers and typesetters so if you or anybody you know is experienced or willing to learn, drop us a line! Hurry! I want more Supina as well, ❤

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