Giving up on Summer :|

Summer is gone and Autumn is here…still not done with thesis. Hopefully I’m done before Winter comes. I hate working late on Winter nights where it gets dark very fast over here…

So…Supi ad didn’t seem to work much but instead we got translators who want to join which is cool. If they translate for us, we may get more titles out (Maybe even stuff I want *.*)

Today I bring you………THE END…………….of Chrome Shelled Regios. Never have you seen this much action! Nina is kicking ass the whole way just until Layfon comes back. A chapter showing how much you can do when you love a tiny fairy who controls and keep a walking machine drone city alive.

I as the leader would want to thank our friends who worked on this title. First is natural, dude, you did an awesome job. Thanks for letting us use your translations….the cleaner hates you btw, lol. Apropos cleaner then I should thank Sinful for keep attacking those pages of hell. He didn’t complain once which is rare quality in scanlators. Kirika_Chan and MinieChie for the typesetting. The former is from a spanish group lent to us, while the latter is our brand. Kanako and Shiroko for proofreading and qualitychecking. Found any faults? Blame it on them, lol. Nah, I’m sure the pages are fine.

Without further ado, chapter 16c of Chrome Shelled Regios:

  • Chrome Shelled Regios chapter 16c: Read Online | Downloads in irc



3 thoughts on “Giving up on Summer :|

  1. Thanks for finishing this series 🙂
    A few years back I was totally sure that its translation died for good, I’m glad that you took it under your wing and proved me wrong 🙂

    Also – I’m very sorry, somehow (and I really don’t know how) I earlier added this comment under another one of your post (from previous year). I swear it was not on purpose.

  2. (@2xpost: Don’t worry. We don’t have anything against being thanked twice, it’s the opposite. We get very happy instead. 😉 )

    Thanks to both of you~ Yes that’s what happens with most titles. Even the very good ones. It’s sad but it happens. In this case we had natural helping us out since we do not know japanese. So if there’s translations out there and I like the titles then we should have nothing against doing the rest. I had to admit that we are slow. Still we will finish what we start otherwise it’s stupid to do it, right? (well except if the group dies, someone else want to do the title, or there are no raws.)

    Anyway, I’m glad that you enjoyed the manga and our editing of it. I’m also happy that we proved you wrong and finished it. As I was saying to Iruru on irc: 3 titles completed! (plus a oneshot!)
    That’s more than what you see groups do these days :p

    Thanks for keep up with us. Hopefully we will have more stuff completed in the future~

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