Autumn is here… D:

It’s either because I’m done with all my experiments for my thesis, the new NHL season has begun, Black has been after me for more of this manga, we got a new translator, Horriblesubs decided to do manga, readers taking PROzess seriously and getting angry at him while he’s just being a sarcastic as always, 4chan’s /a/ being 4chan’s /a/…or something else that we release this. Take your pick. Don’t expect any release in the near future since we need a staff to release manga and I’m quite busy as it is. Still, I will try to release whenever I decide to skip my thesis….yes the thesis is taking a damn long time. I’m getting quite fed up with it too but now I reached the report writing phase so it shouldn’t be that long again.

We need an editor for this manga. I have redrawn the next chapters pages so I will try to get it out to you in about two weeks time but for the other chapters it would be nice with a dedicated editor with redrawing skills to take up the mantle. Got an interest? Join us. Know anyone with the skills? Force them to join us. We still got the rest of the volume translated.

Anyhow, supinamarada:

  • Supinamarada! chapter 2: Read Online | Downloads in irc

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