Status (Why no releases? T.T)

So it’s been a long time…no I don’t have any releases for you today.
/me watches 85% going away

I don’t have any pictures either.
/me watches 10% going away

I just wanted to tell you what’s happening since some may be extremely sad thinking that the group is dead. We are not dead, still alive and kicking.

Everything is my fault…You remember me bitching about my thesis never ending? Well, it is…very soon. Now that I’m nearing my final deadline, I am extremely busy doing nothing else than writing my master thesis. This means no releases until I hand in my report…and maybe also until I defend it. Ya, I know it sounds like I’m saying “I’m suffering so you should suffer too.” and maybe I am, kekekeke.

You’ve waited a long time and so have the people sending me mails. I’m sorry about that but I feel quite dead when I get home in the evening after writing the whole day that I don’t have much energy or motivation to reply or scanlate anything. I’ll make it up to you very soon. Just give me a month and we will start releasing all of our projects again, and maybe new ones too.

See you all in a month or so when I handed in my master thesis. It’s the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast stretch and Imma gonna give it my all! Wish me luck!


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