I’m back! (aka we are back)

I AM DONE WITH MY EDUCATION! I handed in my thesis and I was up defending it this week. Now it’s all about getting a good job but at least I don’t have to focus on 6 different subjects pr semester, working part-time and releasing manga here and there. I AM FREE~

This feels damn nice. So nice that even if I wanted to take free this week and relax before I begin releasing manga again, I decided to release manga anyway. It’s not sunny outside but I feel like there’s sooo much light. It’s time for the cinema, playing game, reading manga, watching anime, partying….well getting a life again.

Today we have a chapter of your favorite ice hockey manga:

  • Supinamarada! chapter 3: Read Online | Downloads in irc

As you probably don’t remember, our main char met this idiot and his older brother. This time, everyone will fight each other, lol.

As for the future prospects…well We wish for more staff such a cleaners and typesetters. Why? We will soon release some new titles. Yes, they are all interesting so follow them all. We didn’t get any josei translator so no josei for you, heh. It just have to be shounen and seinen titles.


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