Supinamarada! vs 81 diver

I’m back from my trip and luckily enough we got an editor for Supinamarada! Welcome to the dino!!!!! 😀

Now Supinamarada is a all girls’ team. Shame on you, guys. It’s only girls who’s doing your seinen about ice hockey! I’d thought you were men enough to help out on such a manga but I was wrong. 😐

This means that I can focus on some of the other titles we go. So together with Supinamarada, we shall release 81 diver. If you want faster releases of 81 diver, come and help us out.

Backlog: 9 releases.

I wonder which chapter is best:

  • 81 Diver v04 ch30: Read Online | Downloads in irc
  • Supinamarada! v01 ch04: Read Online | Downloads in irc

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