I need… … …vacation

Hi peeps and sorry peeps

Bad news for you. I’ve been quite busy with my real life. No, I’m not closing the group. No, I’m dropping anything. :p

Luckily most of that ended today…now I’m free…kinda. We should’ve released both Supi, 81 and Express but because of me we have not. I’m the deadlock, sadly. I was supposed to have summer vacation where I was going to release a lot but I’ve been doing scientific research since I ended my degree. The work really ends at the end of summer (end of August) with a conference but today I completed 85% of everything I had to do regarding that.

So what’s stopping me from releasing today? A high fever, major headache and pains all over the body: I’m sick.

From tomorrow and the next 3 weeks, I will be going on a desperately needed vacation for 3 weeks. You won’t get any releases in that period because I’m leaving the country but when I get back there will be a bunch ready for you. 😀

Why can’t some of the others release for me? Because we don’t have that many people in the group to do that, lol. So again nothing is group, it’s ready but need the final checks before we can release.

So…tataaah~ See you when I get back! o/


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