Title: Supinamarada!
Creator: Satoru Noda
Length: 6 Volume
Status: Complete
Demograph: Seinen
Genre: Drama, School Life, Sports  

Shirakawa Ro and his sister Haruna has to move to the boonies when their mother suddenly dies in a car accident the day before Ro’s competition. Ro’s was supposed to succeed his mom’s dream of winning a medal in the Olympics but instead ends up with getting a breakdown and making trouble thus missing his chance for becoming professional at figureskating. Both move in with their grandfather in the town named Tomakomai, trying to find a standing it life again. It is in this town that Ro finds a new passion in his life which will bring him back to the ice rink again: Ice hockey. Should be easy for Ro to settle there since he got the temper down already….or what?

Volume 1: Chapter 1 – Released
Volume 1: Chapter 2 – Released
Volume 1: Chapter 3 – Released
Volume 1: Chapter 4 – Released
Volume 1: Chapter 5 – Released
Volume 1: Chapter 6 – In Progress
Volume 1: Chapter 7 –
Volume 1: Chapter 8 –
Volume 1: Chapter 9 –



5 thoughts on “Supinamarada!

  1. Hey!! I just wanted to pop in to say thanks for all your hard work!! It is really appreciated because without you awesome translators, we wouldn’t have any manga to read. All your efforts are very much appreciated 🙂

    1. Kinda…staff got busy with their real life and no one joined to help out with it. Happens to every title when no one wants to work on it. 😐

      I’ll see if I can do something about it now that I got more free time compared to before. Still it doesn’t mean we don’t need people to work on titles. 😐

  2. Bump! Exited to see any chapter of this out, I love the story and the sport! Hope you guys find people, but thank you for the chapters you have done!

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