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The slavery

Raw Providers – Atm we kinda don’t need any since we got no money and are just taking the raws we find from the net.

Scanners – Atm we kinda don’t need any since we got no money and are just taking the raws we find from the net.

Translators – The reader of moonspeak. We take in people who read furi (Shounen and Shoujo) titles and without furi (Josei and Seinen) too. Since we are working with shoujo, shounen, josei and seinen, you can choose which one to work with when you start. There will be no fanservice-based title whether it’s towards the girls or guys.

Proofreaders – The language expert. Finding faults in the flow of the translation and looking for missing bubble translations is the proofreaders job. You should have a good grasp of the English langauge and it’s grammar.

Cleaners – The artistic remover. You should be able to clean texts from bubbles AND in the panels The cleaning of text from the panels means to redraw the picture as it was supposed to be before the text was added. So leveling, cleaning and redrawing is what is needed to be able to fulfill this position.

Typesetters – The word copycat. You should be able to use fitting fonts and apply the proofread translation to the cleaned pages.

Editors – Master of 2-in-1. You are an editor if you are able to clean and typeset. Read above for their description.

Qualitycheckers – Judge of Quality. You fix the small problems in the release chapter by checking it through. You should have skills of an editor and proofreader. Not specialized as them but still manage to proofread/clean/typeset a little when it’s needed. If the work is too much the chapter is sent back to the deadlock to fix before it comes back to an extra check before it’s release.

Hosters – Anyone out there willing to give us free hosting space? *.*