The girl team strikes back!

Woooooot, I managed to get sick and delay your releases…and then delay more by forgetting that I had two releases to release! Woooooooooot, this is going so well~

Today we have more of that shogi diving manga where no diving happens but a major player is mentioned…with our main char being as blank as normally he is. 😀

We also bring more ice hockey manga where you learn how to trick people to join your team. This release wouldn’t have been done by our “non-exising” girl’s team…trust me, they exist. The truth is out there~ (X-files theme)

Backlog: 11 releases. (I foresee a bad outcome from this increasing backlog…)

Here are the goodies:

  • 81 Diver v04 ch31: Read Online | Downloads in irc
  • Supinamarada! v01 ch05: Read Online | Downloads in irc

2 thoughts on “The girl team strikes back!

  1. Thank you for your hard work, especially with Supinamarada! If you guys need non-translation help with the project hit me up – am a complete newbie but willing to learn the ropes. 🙂

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