Nightmare Express

Nightmare Express

Title: Nightmare Express
Creator: Kairi Shimotsuki
Length: 3 Chapters
Status: Ongoing
Demograph: Shoujo
Genre: Horror, Mystery,Comedy

On the seventh night where the sky is dyed in rainbow colors, there’s a legend that an invitation will be sent to the most unfortunate person in the whole country.

The people of the world dubbed it “The invitation to happiness”.

Our main character is the most unfortunate in the world according to herself. She needs to become happy again because she deserves it. This story is about her taking someone else’s place to join a place which is supposed to make her happy. She just doesn’t know yet that the legendary mystery place isn’t exactly what it seems to be. Her trials of being unfortunate may just have started…

Volume 1: Chapter 1 – Released
Volume 1: Chapter 2 – Released
Volume 1: Chapter 3 – Released


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