Metallica Metalluca


Title: Metallica Metalluca
Creator: Teruaki Mizuno
Length: 3 Volume
Status: Complete
Demograph: Shounen
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy  

In a world where rare metals drive the economy, “Minea”, the people who seek out these metals at the risk of their own life, are highly respected. A strange boy, Ruka, has wandered destructively into the failing town of Elza, declaring that his goal is to be a Minea! He ends up under the surveillance of a village girl, Shella, whose little brother is sick from a poison gas accident in the town’s now-closed mine. Ruka makes a few friends and finds out that everything isn’t what ti seems to be…

Volume 1: Chapter 1-5    – Done by otakami
Volume 2: Chapter 6-11 – Done by otakami
Volume 3: Chapter 12 – Done by Izanagi
Volume 3: Chapter 13 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 14 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 15 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 16 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 17(End) – Released


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