Doll’s Folklore

Doll's Folklore Cover

Title: Doll’s Folklore
Creator: Tasuku Karasuma
Length: 3 Volume
Status: Complete
Demograph: Shounen
Genre: Horror, Action, Comedy, Ecchi

Yousuke Oyamada is the sole survivor of a mass serial kidnapping case 10 years ago. 108 children disappeared and no one knows why. Since then Yousuke has been able to see evil spirits which has caused misunderstanding and making him distance himself from society. Meeting with Kanno, a member of the anti-doll organization, he finds out that the spirits he can see are dolls. These dolls manifest by people’s incredibly strong emotions. Being together with Kanno, Yousuke releases a doll named Makina because she looks exactly like the girl who saved him 10 years ago. Now starts Yousuke’s hunt to find out what happened 10 years ago, while keeping Makina and Kanno from killing each other because of an old grudge.

Volume 1: Chapter 1-3 – Done by Folklore Scans
Volume 2: Chapter 4-6 – Done by Folklore Scans
Volume 2: Chapter 7 – Released
Volume 2: Chapter 8 – Released
Volume 2: Chapter 9 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 10 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 11 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 12 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 13 – Released
Volume 3: Chapter 14(End) – Released


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