The 81 is leaving us

Hello everyone

It’s been some time…

Today we bring you 81 diver chapter 33 and 34. We also bring you sad (or happy) news about the title. After a discussion with the translator, we agreed both that we aren’t keeping our agreement on releasing 1-2 chapters of 81 divers every week. Heck, we haven’t even released anything for a long time. Since we didn’t keep our part of the deal, the translator will find someone better and faster to release 81 divers from now on. The final release of 81 divers was supposed to be 4 chapters so you could get an ending to the running battle but the external typesetter has gone MIA for over 2 weeks. Since the translator contacted us today about  the 2 chapters we had ready, it means releasing what we got now and hand the title over to him. We wish the translator and the new group lots of luck and hope they do a much better job than us since this title deserves that.

Other than that, enjoy the summer and the chapters:


4 thoughts on “The 81 is leaving us

  1. T1, am I missing something or has our forum URL stopped working? It’s definitely been a while since I’ve been able to get on, and even though I’ve still got tons of work to do, it’s worth me asking so I can at least leave officially, if necessary!

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