Diving into the 81 squares of the board

хорошо! (Read: harasho!) I just remembered that I actually got a blog I haven’t updated for a very long time now 2-3 years. I should get back to it soon, lol.

Ehem…yes, today we got a new project popping up. I know, I know. “You will just drop it again.” No, the release last time was a bit special. I got one more of those but today we have a release which we will hopefully carry to the end. I could finish it fast but I need a dedicated typesetter for it. One who actual knows what typesetting is already and have nothing against working with HF (Huge fonts).

Anyway, the new title is a manga by the author of Airmaster and Tanikamen, Yokusaru Shibata. He makes seinen where this one is about shogi which is japanese chess (Read: General’s game). We will not begin from the start but instead continue from where the last group stopped meaning chapter 27. Last chapter ended with the main guy trying to shake his competition before the game but ends up getting shaking instead. This chapter will continue and end the match. You probably won’t know but chapter 25 and 26 are already released. You probably only read on mangafox, mangareaders and mangahere and etc. Their automatic bots snatch the info from mangaupdates before they come to download our releases…so if it’s not on mangaupdates, no updates on their sites. Oh well, who cares, right? 😉

Enjoy chapter 27:

  • 81 Diver chapter 27: Read Online | Downloads in irc

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