Naru-kun strikes back!

I still need to play the sequel…the first game was so good. I expect the same from the sequel….oh wait, you are here. Let’s start…

I think the freelance typesetter for Supinarada is MIA. The cleaned chapter is waiting for typesetting…

Thanks for the mails for wanting to work on Supi. I responded to most of them today so we will just have to wait and see if someone can take the mantle of redrawing or typesetting the chapters. 😉

If you are a typesetter and want to work on 81diver, send me a mail. We could use a dedicated typesetter so we can release more chapters of this seinen~

Keep the comments coming and we may release faster *hint**hint*

Meanwhile enjoy the 81 diver omake from volume 3:

  • 81 Diver v03 Omake: Read Online | Downloads in irc

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