kewl0210: How’s 81diver-ing going, T1?

Heh, I bet he didn’t think that I would use that sentence as a headline 😛

I welcome you all to this session of 81diver-ing where we continue into dreams and old meetings. I like titles where the old characters pop up again so they aren’t forgotten after one battle. Still, chibi Soyo, so damn cute. ❤

About the other titles…people join and leave when they see that you actually have to work on the titles, sheesh. Well, I’ll try to not lose hope. I think we just need to release more so people get interested in joining us. 😀

Oh, happy easter to those who celebrate it! Over here it’s a big thing so we got holidays~

Without further ado, enjoy chapter 28:

  • 81 Diver v04 ch28: Read Online | Downloads in irc

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